We are dedicated to providing outstanding care and services to our residents.



When you bring your loved one to stay with us, you don’t need to lose sleep over their treatment. Our staff provides close personal attention to the needs of every resident. We get to know our residents well and learn how to best take care of them for the highest quality of life possible. Part of that includes a dedication to providing some basic and advanced services. 

Our board and care packages include expansive care services, such as:  

  • Healthy Meals & Snacks

We believe that good health starts with what you eat. For this reason, our staff members prepare healthy and nutritious cuisine for residents . Throughout the day, nutritious snacks are available at all times

  •  Medication Management 

Our on-staff nurse will assist all residents in taking their necessary medications as instructed by their doctor or pharmacist. Medications will be dispensed at the proper times and in controlled dosages. 

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance

To help promote good health and hygiene, trained staff members assist all residents with basic personal hygiene. This includes regular bathing - 3 shower days a week - dental hygiene, and many more. 

  • Incontinence Care

Many seniors suffering from incontinence can experience embarrassment, but our staff members are trained to assist the elderly in a dignified and respectful manner. Our goal is to help your loved one feel comfortable and cared for instead of embarrassed or humiliated by incontinence. 

  • In-house Doctor´s visits

When a visit to the doctor is necessary, it can be stressful for the resident. That is why we offer in-house visits from our associated Physician, who will take care of the resident in the comfort of his own home.

  • Range of motion exercise

Lack of movement and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle can leave many seniors feeling stiff and inflexible. We assist them with range of motion exercises that help prevent stiff joints and discomfort. 


  • Social & Recreational Activities 

It is our belief that isolation is not the best way to live a healthy life. Therefore, we plan and run regular activities that include families and friends from outside the home. In addition we celebrate each federal holiday, so they have something to really looking forward to. 

  • Individual Care Plan

We provide each resident with a care plan that is individually designed to offer optimum care while maintaining social connection, mental stimulation and physical activity.

  • Cable TV in all Personal Rooms 

Each resident will have a cable TV set up in their room for their own personal use. 

This is just a small insight for all we have to offer. Come by and see for yourself!

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