Welcome to
My Home II
Assisted Living Home for the Elderly
Check out our beautiful private residence in the Tujunga area!
                                       "My Home" provides the highest quality of living for six elderly residents
                                                            In a beautiful loving and caring home setting.

                    Our services are more encompassing than anything we've seen...and everything is included!                           

                                                     *  Assisted living for ONLY six residents.

                                                     *  Alzheimer's and Dementia care provided.
                                                     *  All dietary needs met.
                                                     *  Physical therapy included.
                                                     *  Medication administration.
                                                     *  24 hour care with fully licensed compassionate Caregivers,
                                                         who ensure the residents safety and comfort.
                                                     *  Accompanied doctor and dentist appointents.
                                                     *  Hospice care and respite care available.
                                                     *  Doctor supervised home visits.
                                                     *  Home health nurses.
                                                     *  Pets are welcome as we understand that pets can bring
                                                         immense comfort and companionship to our residents.
                                                     *  All inclusive prices - no hidden costs.

      Call Mark for a Tour:  661-219-4906


Choosing the right senior living community is of the utmost importance.
This place not only has to feel like home .
It has to be filled with love, laughter, and friendship, with plenty of support on hand.
That will allow you or your loved one to live a happy and healthy life.